An Introduction To PAN Technology (Pulsation Attenuation Pipe Networks)

    New Paradigms For Pulsation Attenuation, Compression Efficiency, And Increased Gas Flow

    Pulsation cancellation with a PAN Filter.

    *Advance Copy: July Gas Compression Magazine

    By John J. Bazaar, W. Norm Shade, Glen F. Chatfield, and Dale Wells

    Since the dawn of the natural gas industry, pulsation in pipes has been a misunderstood problem. Because pulsation causes vibration, vibration causes fatigue, and fatigue causes potentially catastrophic failures, the accepted way to attenuate pulsation has been to dissipate its energy as quickly as possible with friction. Unfortunately, friction causes pressure loss which decreases compression efficiency. The long sought silver bullet is pulsation attenuation with negligible pressure loss.

    The truth is that pulsation energy is valuable and should be conserved, not dissipated. Pulsation attenuation pipe networks (PAN) are carefully designed systems that cancel, interleave, and reflect pulsation energy to conserve almost all of it.

    PAN systems have been field-proven to provide essential pulsation attenuation with negligible pressure loss.

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    An Introduction To PAN Technology–Gas Compression Magazine, JULY 2016