More Compression For Faribault Station

Map courtesy of Northern Natural Gas Co.

Northern Natural Gas Company (Northern) has requested authorization to install and operate an additional natural gas-driven 15,900-hp (11,861 kW) Solar Mars turbine unit (Unit No. 2) at its existing Faribault Compressor Station located Rice County, Minnesota. If approved, the unit will tie into Northern’s existing B-line, C-line, and D-line. Discharge piping will tie into the existing station discharge piping, allowing the new unit to take B- and C-line suction into B-, C- and D-line discharge.

There is currently one 13,136-hp (9799 kW) site-rated unit at the Faribault Compressor Station.

A regulator setting will be installed between the D-line suction and B- and C-line suction headers inside the station side valves. Northern will install appurtenant facilities, including a station inlet scrubber, blowdown silencer and unit silencer.

A new compressor building will house the unit and fuel conditioning system, which will have connections to the suction and discharge headers. A single auxiliary/control building will house the motor control center; the station programmable logic controller and human-machine interface; the fire and gas PLC and HMI; and an uninterruptible power supply. A station generator will be located in its own enclosure.

When placed in service November 2017, the proposed facilities will provide for incremental winter peak day firm service of 75,937 dekatherms per day serving residential, commercial, and industrial customer market growth in Northern’s market area.