Columbia Gas Applies For Central Virginia Connector Project

Map courtesy of Columbia Gas Transmission

Columbia Gas Transmission has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to install and operate compression, pipeline, and appurtenant facilities in Louisa and Goochland Counties, Virginia, USA. Referred to as the Central Virginia Connector Project, Columbia proposes the following modifications to the Louisa Compressor Station:

  • Install a new 6130 hp (4573 kW) Solar Centaur 50 turbine for incremental capacity increase and replacement of existing horsepower housed within a new compressor building.
  • Upgrade the fire & gas detection system in the existing Solar Saturn compressor building.
  • Replace three fuel gas rotary meters.
  • Install a compressed air system, including two 40 HP air compressors and receivers.
  • Relocate existing networking and communications from old control room to new building.
  • Install one blowdown silencer unit.
  • Place the three existing Solar Saturn units rated 1350 hp each (1007 kW) on standby service.

The increase in horsepower will provide an additional capacity of 45 MMcf/d (1 x 106 m3/d). The total cost of the project is US$52,387,031.