CPI Expands Condition Monitoring Offerings

Compressor Products International (CPI), a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered solutions for the compression industry, has introduced the new Proflo USB-IR Adaptor and Proflo Assist Software for condition monitoring of reciprocating compressor lubrication equipment.

The Proflo USB-IR adaptor and Proflo assist software have been designed to work with the CPI Proflo PF1 monitoring device to allow the user to translate data collected from the PF1 to adjustments needed on the existing lubrication pumps, assisting in reducing over- or under-lubrication.

The PF1 monitoring device records the average cycle time for each 30-minute block of operation and transmits this information via infrared signals. The Proflo USB-IR adaptor then captures the IR signals that are broadcasted by the PF1 device, and, through the use of the software, translates those signals into information that the user can use to regulate their lubricator pumps.

The Proflo PF1 monitors a compressor lubrication system, alerting an operator or engaging shutdown protection based on the cycle time of the system. Real-time access to this information can help technicians intervene and prevent a range of problems, including the extrusion of packing and piston rings, locking of the packing case, valve stiction and more, the company said.

“Our Proflo product line has long been one of the most powerful weapons in the battle against over- and under-lubrication,” said Robert Spadt, CPI Product Manager for Lubrication Products, said. “Real-time operational data is a prerequisite for any condition-based or predictive maintenance program. And the valuable condition monitoring data the system collects is now even easier to access thanks to this USB receiver and software interface.”

The software will operate on Windows versions 2000, XP, 7, 8, or 10. Each USB-IR adaptor can be used with multiple PF1 monitoring devices. Included are the USB-IR Adaptor, instructions, and a download link for the Proflo Assist Software and a 6 ft. (1.8 m) USB male to female cable.