Gas Compression Magazine 2016 Reader Survey

Welcome to Gas Compression Magazine’s 2016 Reader Survey. We presented readers with 10 questions on various topics and trends within the gas compression market to get a feel for where we stand as an industry. As it turns out, we are a pretty optimistic group when it comes to what lies ahead for 2017, with an overwhelming majority predicting that things will be better they were in 2016. When it comes to the next major OEM acquisition, GE wins the “most-likely-to-make-headlines” award, with Caterpillar coming in second. A few notable write-ins will be worth keeping an eye on as well. One thing we’ve learned the past few years, current market conditions have created plenty of opportunity for companies in the position to buy. More surprises lie ahead on the merger and equation front.

A few more notable observations: reliability is king when it comes to gas compression equipment; the preferred market indicator remains a mixed bag of data sources; and nobody, I mean NOBODY, likes the middle seat on an airplane. Happy reading.

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2016 Reader Survey