Packager Profile: Alegacy Equipment

    From its humble beginnings working out of a Holiday Inn Express hotel, Alegacy has grown into a world-class packager of gas compression equipment. Founded in 2013, Alegacy specializes in the fabrication and packaging of engine- and electric motor-driven reciprocating compression equipment from 100 to 10,000 hp (74 to 7460 kW). To date, the company has packaged natural gas compressors and related equipment in excess of US$250 million.

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    Type of Compression: Reciprocating

    Types of Drivers: Reciprocating Engine, Electric Motor

    Capacity Range: 100 HP Min (74 kW Min); 10,000 HP Max (7460 kW Max)

    Services Offered:  Fabrication and packaging of new gas compression equipment; gas compression package revamp and upgrade

    Year Founded: 2013

    Number of Employees: 60+

    Geographic Territory: USA

    Company Officers: Will Reyes, Managing Partner; Bob Nickles, Principle; Bo Pierce, Principle