Construction To Begin On Collierville Expansion Project

Map courtesy of ANR Pipeline

ANR Pipeline Company (ANR), a TransCanada company, has received US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to begin construction of the Collierville Expansion Project in Shelby County, Tennessee, USA.

The project will consist of modifications to upgrade ANR’s existing Collierville Meter Station and installation of one new compressor station and appurtenant facilities in Shelby County, Tennessee, near Memphis, Tennessee. Upon completion, the project will expand the delivery capability of ANR’s existing Collierville Meter Station by an additional 200,000 dekatherms/day, while maintaining ANR’s current certificated capacity levels. Furthermore, the project, as proposed, will provide firm capacity delivery into a high-pressure local distribution system to satisfy growing market demand for natural gas power generation in the greater Memphis market region.

ANR proposes increasing the metering capability at the existing Collierville Meter Station through the installation of a new 12-inch (304-mm) ultrasonic meter run on an existing spare meter header and replacement of the flow control valve, piping, and other appurtenances. In order to ensure firm transportation delivery capability, ANR will to design, construct, install, and operate a new compressor station consisting of one new 4700 hp (3506 kW) Centaur 40 Solar Mars turbine compressor unit with SoLoNOx and appurtenant facilities including, but not limited to, suction and discharge piping, high pressure gas cooler and lube oil cooler, fuel gas skid, air compressor, generator, condensate tank, blowdown silencer, yard piping, and compressor and control buildings in Shelby County, Tennessee. The new compressor station will include a recycle line to return excess flow to ANR’s 30-inch (762-mm), 501 Mainline during times of high pressure and low flow nominations through the meter station.

The project’s targeted in-service date is November 1, 2017.