Relocating A Laby

    Laby Compressor installed at its new location in Sandviken.

    AGA Gas, a Swedish subsidiary of Linde Group, has relocated a Burckhardt Compression Labyrinth Piston Compressor (Laby Compressor) from Stenungsund, Sweden, to a site in Sandviken, Sweden, located 310 miles (500 km) away. The 35-year-old oxygen Laby Compressor no longer met the customer’s needs at the Stenungsund site. Meanwhile, in Sandviken, a re-life of an old air separation was performed, proving to be a perfect match for the Laby Compressor.

    Burckhardt Compression was tapped to move the equipment.

    According to AGA Gas, the equipment became redundant at the Stenungsund site after AGA added a bigger O2 plant with much higher capacity.

    An engineering study was conducted by Burckhardt to ensure compliance with the new operating conditions. The new location is planned to produce 30% lower volumes with reduced pressure of 522 psi (36 bar) instead of 725 (50 bar). According to AGA, the key goal was a high level of energy efficiency, which was achieved by installing a new motor.

    Equipment relocation included the Laby Compressor and all auxiliaries such as the cooling system, dampeners, oil system, supports, and piping system. All parts were entirely dismantled, labelled, and prepared for shipping and re-installation at the new plant in Sandviken.

    In total, the relocation process took 10 months. According to Burckhardt, time on site for disassembling was about three weeks. Reassembly at the Sandviken site to about six weeks. Pre-commissioning lasted three weeks, with full commission taking three weeks.

    Expansion of the existing foundation was necessary in order to fit the compressor and the motor.

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    Relocating A Laby