Wisconsin South Expansion Project Moves Forward

Map courtesy of ANR Pipeline Co.

 ANR Pipeline Co. has received FERC approval to proceed with the permitting process for its planned Wisconsin South Expansion Project. In April, FERC granted a favorable Environmental Impact Statement, clearing the way for ANR to move forward in its bid to expand delivery by 230,950 dekatherms per day into the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, USA, market areas to meet growing natural gas demand.

The project consists of the modification of the following facilities: Install one new 6130-hp (4573-kW) Solar Centaur 50 compressor unit at the existing Sandwich Compressor Station in Kendall County, Illinois; increase capacity of the existing Hampshire Meter Station in Kane County, Illinois from the current 304,475 dekatherms per day to approximately 507,458 dekatherms per day; replace the existing Line 332 Lateral located in Kane County, Illinois; increase capacity of the existing Tiffany East Meter Station in Rock County, Wisconsin from the current 119,760 dekatherms per day to approximately 240,535 dekatherms per day; and re-stage an existing Saturn 10 turbine compressor unit at the Kewaskum Compressor Station in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

ANR proposes to begin construction activities in the fourth quarter of 2017, with a projected in-service date of November 2018.