Safety First

EGC Critical Components exceeds one million working-hours without a lost time incident.

EGC Critical Components manufactures a variety of compressor components, including bearings and rider bands, piston rings, packing seals, and PEEK.

EGC Critical Components has exceeded one million working-hours without a lost time incident, a major milestone in safety and sound demonstration of the Humble, Texas, USA, company’s commitment to its employees.

“Our priority is to ensure that our people go home the same way they came to work, and our safety practices have delivered,” said Steven Roesel, HSE Manager at EGC Critical Components. “EGC has implemented a culture of business and operational excellence, supporting our continued improvement of health, safety, and environment (HSE). The groundwork of a successful workplace safety effort is one that is built on best practices and incorporates every team member. The goal is to have the EGC safety culture transcend past the workplace and into the employee’s personal life.”

EGC Critical Components designs, engineers, and manufactures thermoplastic and elastomeric components for critical applications such as gas compression, chemical processing, aerospace, medical, and more.

“From small medical parts to large turbine components, we provide innovative, high-performance solutions,” said Mike Boylan, EGC Managing Director.

The company employs nearly 200 people at its 240,000-sq.ft. (22,296-m2) facility. “Everything is done under this one roof,” said Boylan. “We injection mold. We compression mold. We extrude the material. We process our own material. We certify all material to our own standards so that everything is traceable through the whole process, ensuring quality. Everything is done here – engineering, manufacturing, site analysis, human resources, accounting. This creates a synergy that improves reliability, quality, and safety.”

EGC Critical Components operates in a 240,000-sq.ft. (22,296-m2) manufacturing facility in Humble, Texas, USA.

According to Roesel, safety training begins on day one of employment and continues throughout every employee’s tenure at the company. “EGC Critical Components provides training and certification to all team members. Every employee has gone through a safety orientation during onboarding and is required to stay current with monthly, quarterly, and yearly refresher courses. In addition, we have a team of trained First Responders on site, ranging from shop to office personnel. It is important that our people understand the importance of safety and our HSE culture. Each person understands that safety is personal and has the authority to stop operations if there is a safety issue.”

EGC operates under a stop work policy, allowing any person to immediately stop work if there is a safety hazard. “This policy is relevant to every employee, and includes all site visitors,” said Roesel. “All visitors are given a safety orientation that includes an observation handout card to record notable issues. These cards are then given to our safety committee, who will review and provide improvement recommendations.”

“It boils down to the individual,” added Boylan. “Each person understands that they are responsible for the person to the left and right of them. This is true for every employee on the site, from the president down. Our safety culture instills the importance of keeping safety on the forefront and drives accountability. This mentality has helped us continue trending below the industry annual average lost time incident rate. This is significant because not only does it mean our people are safe, but our customers are getting the highest standard of safety, quality, and reliability.”


EGC Critical Components develops solutions using proprietary formulations and can design custom blends tailored to specific application.