Gas Compression Magazine 2017 Reader Survey Results

Welcome to Gas Compression Magazine’s 2017 Reader Survey. Each year we present 10 industry-related questions to our readership to get a feel for where the compressor market stands.

We remain an optimistic bunch when it comes to our collective opinion on what lies ahead. The overwhelming majority feels that next year will be “Better Than 2017.” When it comes to personnel, the best place to find new talent is “Trade Schools/Technical Colleges” with “My Competitors” coming in second. Two things to remember: 1) Trade schools and technical colleges rely on industry support, just as the industry relies on trade schools and technical colleges for tomorrow’s team members; 2) Take care of your talent or another company will.

A few more observations: reliability remains king when it comes to gas compression equipment; we’re a long way from every being a paperless society; management sometimes gets in the way; and each one of us needs a cup of something to start the day.


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