New Needle-Type Indicator Valves From Kiene

Optimized for pressures to 6000 psi (413.7 bar) and temperatures to 500°F (260°C), Kiene Diesel Accessories Inc. has introduced the KN-40 Series needle-type indicator valves. An indicator valve is a valve that provides access to the engine or compressor engine, allowing measurement and monitoring of the operating pressures in the cylinders. These pressure measurements are accomplished using instruments such as portable analyzers, which evaluate vibration and ultrasonic signatures to provide a component-level view of the engine. The measurements afford efficiency, reliability, longer compressor life, and cost-savings to compressors.

Specifically designed for compressor analyses, the new KN-40 can handle higher pressure/temperature applications because of the improved materials and internal geometry; no-leak valve stem; back-seated stem design; full-port, straight-through flow path to minimize channel resonance; 90-degree angle configurations; and integrated indicator connection. It is available in stainless steel for sour gas applications and includes a POSI-SEAL valve cap.

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