Arizona Compressor Station To Boost Gas Capacity To Mexico

Map courtesy of Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLC

Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLC (Sierrita) has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requesting authorization for the construction and operation of Sierrita Compressor Expansion Project located in Pima County, Arizona, USA.

Sierrita is proposing to construct a new compressor station and related appurtenances on its existing Sierrita pipeline (Line No. 2177) to enable Sierrita to offer an incremental 322,794 dekatherms per day of firm transportation capacity and to increase the delivered pressure of the gas at the pipeline’s terminus at the US/Mexico international border. In support of this project, Sierrita has executed a long-term transportation service agreement with Mexico’s CFE International LLC for firm transportation service utilizing 230,254 dekatherms per day of the incremental capacity created by the new compression.

If approved, Sierrita install one new 15,900 hp (11,861 kW) Solar Mars 100 turbine/compressor unit at milepost (MP) 6 on Line No. 2177; install an additional gas meter at the existing San Joaquin Meter Station on Line No. 2177; and relocate an existing Mainline Valve 2 and inspection tool launcher and receiver from MP 1.2 to MP 6.5 on Line No. 2177.

Construction of the new Sierrita Compressor Station will include the installation of suction and discharge piping and the installation of various station yard auxiliary facilities to connect the compressor station with Line No. 2177.

Sierrita is targeting an in-service date of April 1, 2020.