Hoerbiger Introduces Lubrication System

    Hoerbiger has more than a century of experience designing and supplying components to increase the reliability and efficiency of reciprocating compressors. The company’s portfolio includes compressor valves, capacity control, engine automation and emissions control, piston rings, rod packings, and other peripheral systems and components. Further expanding its product offerings, Hoerbiger has introduced the XperLUBE lubrication system.

    “This is the latest of new products from Hoerbiger Research & Development Group,” said Jack Schwaller, product specialist at Hoerbiger. “We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of reciprocating compressors. We have found that lubricators are a large culprit in early compressor shutdowns and failures. Our compressor audits have shown that over or under-lubrication affects at least one-third of all reciprocating compressors. We have also found that neither of the two traditional types of lubrication system can give users reliable exact lubrication delivery.

    “Pump-to-point systems are complex and difficult to maintain accurate flows requiring constant manual monitoring by counting drops for each point. These are more popular on European and Asian compressors. Systems based on hydraulic divider blocks will deliver fixed volumes, but are inflexible. Most importantly, both are open loop with confirmation of delivered amounts of oil to each cylinder. Both have adequate but clumsy ‘first out’ indication, preventing true automation. To reduce risk of lost lubrication, the industry has defaulted to a ‘more is better’ approach which has other negative results.”


    According to Schwaller, the most popular approach to compressor lubrication in the US is the divider block.

    “The number of components that are in a divider block system and the very close clearances of moving parts increases the possibility of early shut down due to blockage. This freezes the block to a single point then will progressively shut down the entire compressor,” said Schwaller.

    “Hoerbiger engineering saw this opportunity to reduce some of this risk by creating a simple system,” added Schwaller. “The XperLUBE system has fewer parts, replacing hydraulic componentry with the ‘smart injector’ and very clever user controlled delivery sequences.”


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