Achieving Actionable Intelligence

Monico Inc. specializes in the integration of critical assets with control and monitoring systems. Its product portfolio provides data acquisition, protocol conversion, and remote monitoring communications for myriad industrial applications, including oil and gas, power generation, marine, and off-highway equipment.

“We have long been a leader in Caterpillar equipment communication and control due to our ability to communicate across CAT Data Link,” said Doyle Taylor, president and CEO of Monico. “In recent years we have expanded into the Cummins engine lineup, as well as Kohler, John Deere, and MTU equipment. We provide preconfigured solutions for detailed monitoring of equipment through local or remote networks including BMS, SCADA, and LAN networks.”

Combining its expertise in equipment communication with its experience in cyber security, Monico has introduced the mCore SDR (secure data router), a next generation platform for remote monitoring, telematics applications, and edge analytics.

Monico’s mCore is designed to be a complete analytics and telematics solution. In addition to soliciting data directly from industrial systems, mCore can capture and analyze data in real time. This allows mCore to generate alerts, events, and report diagnostics from its attached equipment.

“The vision for this device incorporates three original design goals: industrial cybersecurity; a rugged package design; and maximum computing power, speed, and efficiency,” said Taylor. “These design goals are fundamental core values in the current and future development of mCore that make it equally fit for on-premises, closed industrial control system networks, and future applications to leverage the tremendous potential of cloud computing.”


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