A Conversation with Gas Compressor Association Chairman Pete Kourkoubes

Pete Kourkoubes

The Gas Compressor Association (GCA) has named Pete Kourkoubes as its 2018 Chairman. Kourkoubes is the director of international sales at Enerflex and for the past 30 years has become well-known and respected for his knowledge of the gas compression industry. Kourkoubes holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from California Coast University.

Headquartered in Dallas, USA, the GCA is a professional trade organization dedicated to the products and services of the natural gas compression market. As an active and well-organized association of compressor, driver, cooler, and control panel manufacturers, packagers, and rental fleet owners, GCA members actively maintain many programs.

Gas Compression Magazine sat down with Pete Kourkoubes to discuss the future of gas compression and the role GCA serves in continuing growth and awareness for the industry.

GCM: Market strength varies by location. In your opinion, which geographic locations (globally) hold the most promise for the gas compression industry? Why?

P.K.: Much of the increased industry activity has been focused around the North American market, specifically on shale plays, including the Permian, Eagle Ford, SCOOP/STACK, Marcellus, and Woodford, to name a few. On the international front, the Middle East and Latin America markets continue to have extensive proven reserves of natural gas, and it is expected that production will grow rapidly over the coming years to meet domestic gas demand. With this increase in activity and the continued growth of natural gas, significant opportunities will be presented for the development of natural gas products and services – leading to increased growth for many natural gas compression organizations.

GCM: What market indicators do you follow/track to forecast the short-term and long-term health of the gas compression industry?

P.K.: Being a member of the Gas Compressor Association [GCA], I closely follow the industry statistics provided as a benefit of membership. The data that GCA report to members provides an objective view of market size, shifts in equipment types and sizes, as well as order and sales trends. In addition to tracking global fundamentals of gas demand, I regularly read and review gas compression industry publications, such as Gas Compression Magazine and others, for insight into emerging products, systems, technologies, and news relevant to the global gas compression industry.

GCM: Discuss any trends you’ve identified throughout the gas compression value stream and any impact you foresee these trends having on the gas compression market.

P.K.: With improvements in commodity pricing, the gas compression market saw a significant resurgence in the last year, which is having a direct impact on the availability of components and, thus, product deliveries. This microcosm indicator in the market is a direct reflection of how strong the resurgence has been in a relatively short time. Manufacturers continue to ramp up production, where it makes economic sense, to meet the demand.

GCM: Discuss the importance of associations such as the GCA and the role that the GCA plays in the overall marketplace.

P.K.: The Gas Compressor Association is comprised of compressor, driver, cooler, and control panel manufacturers, as well as packagers and rental fleet owners, and is the only association that represents this broad base of constituents. Industry stakeholders benefit from these members who band together to speak on their behalf as challenging topics, like regulatory issues and health safety and environmental. (HSE) matters, emerge. In addition, the GCA provides a great platform for members to come together to network and gain knowledge of new products and trends in the marketplace, as well as access to industry statistics and tools.


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