Peaker Services Inc. Acquires Energy Conversions Inc.

Peaker Services Inc. (PSI) has acquired Energy Conversions Inc. (ECI). Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, USA, ECI specializes in developing natural gas retrofit conversions for medium and high-speed diesel engines. Since 1986, ECI has introduced a number of natural gas diesel conversion systems including a dual fuel natural gas EMD generator conversion with >90% natural gas substitution using multi-point direct gas injection in conjunction with custom engine modifications; and the Economizer system – dual fuel conversion for a wide variety of four stroke diesel engines.

According the ECI, the Economizer system is designed to be installed on new or existing diesel engines without modifying any internal engine components. Diesel-only operation remains unchanged with the Economizer system installed. In the event that gas operation is no longer warranted, full diesel operation is resumed.

Headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, USA, PSI was founded in 1971 to repair and maintain EMD diesel generators. From there, the company grew and diversified into complete locomotive remanufacturing, marine propulsion service, and other industrial EMD engine applications. In 2000, the company began a related diversification effort into controls modernization for industrial engines, turbine, and compressors in tandem with its appointment as a Woodward Channel Partner for the Northeast and Midwest US regions.

ECI will continue to operate out of its facility in Tacoma as Engenious Engineering LLC.

According to a PSI, “The integration of PSI and ECI will blend the development of technologies to significantly improve legacy engine customers’ modernization needs.”