Hoerbiger Secures Aftermarket Rights To Continental Controls Corp. Gas Engine Product Line

FM50 Fuel Meter

The Hoerbiger Engine Division’s Engine Applications Business Unit has taken over the exclusive aftermarket rights for the natural gas-fueled engine emissions control and flow monitoring products manufactured by Continental Controls Corporation (CCC). These products, including the ECV5 Air/Fuel Ratio Control System, GV 1 Electronic Control Valve, FM50 Fuel Flow Meter, and venturi carburetor inserts, will be available exclusively through Altronic’s global distribution network. Headquartered in Girard, Ohio, USA, Altronic is the lead plant for Hoerbiger’s Engine Division. The deal, which became effective on March 1, 2018, includes all aftermarket sales, service, and technical support for these products – adding more depth to Altronic’s already comprehensive portfolio of ignition and control system products and greatly expanding CCC’s global presence.

“The Continental Controls ECV 5 and GV 1 products are well established in the market and will further round out our air/fuel ratio (AFR) control product line,” said David Bell, Senior Vice President of Aftermarket Sales & Service at Altronic. “The ECV 5 is an ideal solution for air-fuel ratio control and applications that are highly load-dynamic and/or operate on highly variable fuel gas heating values. These valves react very quickly and further position Altronic to provide the ideal AFR solution for virtually any industrial gas engine.”

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