Foley Equipment Rebuild Center Celebrates 10 Years

Foley Equipment Company, the Caterpillar dealership for Kansas and western Missouri, USA, opened its 127,000-sq.ft. (11,798-m2) rebuild center in Park City, Kansas, in July 2008. Ten years later, the facility boasts a Five-Star Contamination Control Rating from Caterpillar (which ensures the rebuild environment is clean) and provides a safe environment with complete services for engine, hydraulic, and component rebuilds.

“When we set out to create this facility, we wanted to be able to do Caterpillar 3600 engines,” said Jon Robinson, vice president of parts & engine rebuild at Foley Equipment Co. “At that time, very few Caterpillar dealers had the capability to work on the 3600s. We put the infrastructure in place to facilitate those engines and built all new dyno rooms from the ground up. We installed a 5000-hp (3730-kW) Taylor water brake dynamometer, put in high-capacity cranes, and have blast and paint booths.

We can completely disassemble an engine in a dirty area, do a full inspection of it, and at that time call the customer and say, ‘Here’s what we found and what’s included in your scope of work. Here are some additional things that normally we reuse, but, based off reusability criteria, think these things should be replaced.’ We want to make one call to the customer letting them know what it’s going to cost and then schedule it.”

The facility’s machining equipment includes Rottler F Series and SG Series machining centers.

A Rottler F99Y machining center prepares to surface the deck of a Caterpillar G3520 engine.

“We can do all machining and block work up to a Caterpillar 3520,” said Robinson. “If a 3600 needs block work, we send it out to a third-party machine shop. But we have the capability of checking them in-house to validate work. The engines we can accommodate in this facility range from Caterpillar 3304s up to Caterpillar 3616s.”

Among Caterpillar dealers, Foley was the first to dyno test a G3600 Series engine. In addition to the 5000-hp dyno, the facility has a 1500-hp (1119-kW) dynamometer. All engine rebuilds undergo a series of performance tests to ensure power, performance, and quality.

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