ADNOC LNG Awards EPC Contract

The agreement, between ADNOC LNG and the Technicas Reunida and Target Engineering Construction Company joint venture, was signed by Fatema Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Acting CEO of ADNOC LNG; Arthur Crossley Sanz, General Manager of Tecnicas Reunidas; and Chaouci Yassine, CEO of Target Engineering Construction Company.

ADNOC LNG, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), has signed an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for phase two of its Integrated Gas Development Expansion (IGD-E) project with a consortium made of up Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas and Abu Dhabi’s Target Engineering Construction Co.

Tecnicas Reunidas will lead the consortium and carry out the engineering and procurement for the project, while Target Engineering Construction Co. will lead the construction and commissioning works on Das Island in the Persian Gulf.

The second phase of the IGD-E project will take 54 months to complete. It will add 245 MMcfd (6.9 x 106 m3/d) of associated gas to the 1.4 Bcfd (39 x 106 m3/d) of offshore gas sent from Das Island to ADNOC Gas Processing’s Habshan gas facilities to be processed for use in power generation.

The full scope of the contract encompasses engineering; equipment and material supply; construction; installation; testing and commissioning of compression; drying and gas treatment units; as well as power generation and other auxiliary services. It includes the construction and commissioning of new gas facilities on Das Island including construction of a new booster compression train with a capacity of 60 MMcfd (1.6 x 106 m3/d) , as well as two feed gas compression and dehydration trains, each having a capacity of 123 MMcfd (3.4 x 106 m3/d) and two amine-based fuel gas treatment units with 80 MMcfd (2.2 x 106 m3/d) capacity each.

Work on ADNOC’s US$11 billion IGD-E project began in 2009, to enable the transfer of 1 Bcfd (28 x 106 m3/d) of high-pressure gas from the offshore Umm Shaif field, via Das Island, to ADNOC Gas Processing’s onshore facilities at Habshan and Ruwais. The program was completed in 2013.

Subsequently, Phase 1 of the IGD-E project was launched in 2015 and was completed in August 2018, boosting ADNOC’s offshore gas processing capacity by 400 MMcfd (11 x 106 m3/d) to 1.4 Bcfd (39 x 106 m3/d). Phase I included the construction of a 4th gas dehydration unit and dry gas compression aftercooler on Das Island; gas pipelines, with a 72-mi. (117-km) offshore segment and 70-mi. (114-km) onshore segment; condensate pipelines; and modifications to the Habshan gas processing complex.