Tennessee Gas To Upgrade Massachusetts Compressor Station

Map courtesy of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. (Tennessee) has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeking approval to construct, install, modify, operate, and maintain pipeline and compression facilities located in Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA, as part of its 261 Upgrade Project. In addition to the certificate authority requested, Tennessee is also requesting authorization to abandon certain compression facilities that will be abandoned and replaced with new compression facilities as part of the projects.

The 261 Upgrade Project consist of installing 2.1 miles (3.3 km) of 12-in. (304-mm) diameter pipeline loop located parallel to Tennessee’s existing pipeline in Agawam, Massachusetts; and the abandonment and replacement of two existing turbine compressor units with one new turbine compressor unit and the installation of auxiliary facilities at Tennessee’s existing Compressor Station 261 located in Agawam, Massachusetts.

The project will allow Tennessee to provide long-term firm transportation service to the projects’ shippers, CMA and Holyoke.

Work at Compressor Station 216 includes the installation of one new 11,107 hp (8285 kW) Solar Taurus 70 turbine/compressor unit. Tennessee will remove two existing compressor units with a total of 6689 hp (4989 kW) — one 1199 hp (894 kW) Solar Saturn compressor unit and one 5490 hp (4095 kW) Solar Centaur compressor unit.

New auxiliary facilities to be installed at Compressor Station 261 include an auxiliary building, air compressor, cable trays, suction header, blowdown silencer and piping, and filter/separator.