Pulsation Attenuation Networks (PAN) For Tallgrass Project

PAN as designed for the two CAT 12CM34 / Ariel KBB compressor units.

Tallgrass Energy has commissioned ACI Services Inc. to install Pulsation Attenuation Networks (PAN) on two of the reciprocating compressor units at the Chandlersville Compressor Station located in Philo, Ohio, USA. The project has completed the engineering phase and is now entering the field installation phase. Bi-Con Services Inc. is providing fabrication of the PAN system and all on-site mechanical field services. Enerfab Inc. is providing shop fabrication of the PAN support structure.

Installation and commissioning is expected to be completed in early 2019.

PAN consists of one or more loops created with standard pipes and special junctions called Tuning Section Transitions collectors, TST collectors, or simply PAN Junctions. The loop lengths and diameters, together with the patent-pending TST collectors, are engineered to reduce pulsations and maximize flow in a pipe network without causing pressure drop. (See July 2016 Gas Compression Magazine, p. 26).

“Pulsation attenuation pipe networks are carefully designed systems that cancel, interleave, and reflect pulsation energy to conserve almost all of it,” said Chad Brahler, president of ACI Services Inc. “PAN systems have been field-proven to provide essential pulsation attenuation with negligible pressure loss. PAN systems have the capability to improve compressor performance, increasing operational performance maps which leads to increased revenues for the operating companies. We are excited about the next phase of this project, as we are doing exactly that – increasing the operational map.”

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio, USA, ACI Services Inc. provides engineered compressor products and services to a worldwide market. The company specializes in custom compressor cylinders and unloaders and interactive performance software. ACI offers performance-enhanced compressor components such as pistons, rods, liners, and custom valves, as well as engineering services including thermodynamic performance reviews, acoustic studies, and more.

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