US To Mexico Gas Pipeline Achieves Mechanical Completion

Map courtesy of TC Energy

Infraestructura Marina del Golfo, a joint venture between TC Energy Corp. (TC Energy) and Infraestructura Energética Nova, announced that its Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline project in northeastern Mexico has achieved mechanical completion. Sur de TexasTuxpan will provide capacity to transport 2.6 Bcfd (73 x 106 m3/d). The project represents approximately US$2.5 billion in infrastructure investment to provide natural gas to power plants, industrial, and urban centers to increase the economic development throughout the country.

The Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline is expected to deliver a 40% increase in Mexico’s current import capacity of natural gas. The 480-mile (772 km), 42-in. (1016-mm) diameter pipeline runs offshore from the border with the United States, near the city of Brownsville, Texas, to Altamira, near the city of Tampico in the state of Tamaulipas, where it continues towards Tuxpan in the state of Veracruz. The inland portion of the pipeline will supply Mexico’s natural gas needs through TC Energía’s Tamazunchale and Tula pipelines, as well as feed Mexico’s Sistrangas system.

“Mexico benefits from a geographic location that allows the country to have access to some of the lowest natural gas prices in the world,” said Robert Jones, president, TC Energy. “The expansion of its pipeline network and the supply provided by Sur de Texas-Tuxpan will contribute to increasing Mexico’s competitiveness. The pipeline represents a key piece for the country’s energy security as it will be able to supply natural gas through its interconnections to central and southern regions of Mexico.”