Turbine Replacement For Compressor Station 321

Map Courtesy Of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. (Tennessee) has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requesting to replace a turbine on an existing compressor unit at its existing Compressor Station 321 (CS 321) in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, USA, and increase firm transportation capacity in a portion of Tennessee’s existing 300 Line.

Known as the Compressor Station 321 Turbine Replacement Project, Tennessee will replace the existing Solar Taurus 70-10302S, SoLoNOx (15 ppm) turbine on Unit C1 with a Taurus 70-10802S SoLoNOx (9 ppm). CS 321 currently consists of four turbine compressor units (three Solar Centaur 40-4700S units and a Solar Taurus 70-10302S unit) with a total of 24,410 hp (18,209 kW).

The station’s existing Taurus 70-10302S gas turbine is expected to reach its recommended 30,000 operating hour overhaul/replacement interval in Q3 2019. Rather than replace the Taurus 70-10302S with a like unit with 15 ppm SoLoNOx emissions, Tennessee is electing to replace the turbine with a Taurus 70-10802S turbine with 9 ppm SoLoNOx low emission technology (which is not available on the Taurus 70-10302S replacement turbine).

Replacing the existing turbine with the Taurus 70-10802S will increase the horsepower of Unit C1 by 800 hp (597 kW), thus raising the total horsepower at CS 321 to 25,210 hp (18,806 kW).

The project will create an incremental year-round capacity of approximately 10,000 dekatherms per day. This additional capacity will provide additional natural gas transportation capacity for domestic production in Pennsylvania to help meet existing and growing energy demands of both power generators and local gas distribution companies throughout the state.