Compression Begins On Romania’s BRUA Phase 1 Project

Map courtesy of Transgaz.

Romanian gas transmission company Transgaz has begun service at its Jupa compressor station (Jupa CS). Located in Caras Severin, Romania, Jupa CS houses two 4.6 MW compressor packages. One is active, while the other is reserved for backup. Each unit is made up of a Solar Centaur 50 gas turbine driving a Solar C4 centrifugal compressor.

Jupa CS is part of the BRUA Phase I Project, which will provide bi-directional natural gas transmission between Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria.

The project forms part of a “Southern Gas Corridor” and is intended to bring greater energy security across Europe by diversifying the regional gas supply from its current, limited number of major pipelines. At a national level, the project will also enable Romania to import additional gas when required as well as providing a mechanism by which gas from the proposed Black Sea fields can be exported when developed.

The pipeline has been designed to be able to provide reverse flow to both Bulgaria and Hungary as required by market demands. Phase 1 will enable a reverse flow of 52 Tcf (1.5 x 109 m3) per year the Bulgarian border and 61 Tcf (1.7 x 109 m3) at the Hungarian border. Phase 2 will increase this capacity to 150 Tcf (4.4 x 109 m3) per year at the Hungarian border by late 2020.