CECO Grows Its Engine-Balancing Portfolio

Snapshot is a portable, two-channel analyzer for slow-speed, natural gas-fueled engine balancing.

Compressor Engineering Corp. (CECO) has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Machinery Monitoring Systems LLC (MMS) engine-balancing products in the United States.

Founded in 2018, MMS develops machinery health monitoring products for industrial, rotating, and reciprocating machinery commonly used in the gas transmission, midstream, gas processing, and petrochemical industries.

Headquartered in Houston, USA, CECO delivers products and services to the gas transmission, midstream, gas processing, and petrochemical industries. With business units specializing in compressor and engine parts and repair, pipeline construction and maintenance, and training and technical services, CECO offers engineering, manufacturing, technical, and support services to operators of gas compression machinery.

“We are excited that CECO, a 55-year-old family-owned and operated company, has agreed to be our exclusive distributor for our engine-balancing products in the United States,” said Steve Follmar, president of MMS. “They have been, and continue to be, a company of high integrity and one of the leaders in the industry by providing quality products and services that meet the needs of the oil and gas markets.”

The agreement expands CECO’s portfolio of engine-related components and engineered solutions by covering all commercial activities for all current MMS large bore natural gas engine-balance monitoring products, as well as all MMS reciprocating and rotating machinery monitoring products currently in development. Through the agreement, CECO gains access to a suite of machinery health monitoring products to complement its traditional parts, engineered solutions, and repair services to operators of reciprocating machinery. MMS gains a trusted partner with 55 years of experience supporting owners and operators of large bore natural gas engines, an established network of commercial resources, and an infrastructure capable of supporting the expected increase in machinery-monitoring solutions.

“CECO continuously looks for ways to provide products and services that improve productivity, increase reliability, and improve efficiency for owners and operators of reciprocating machinery,” said Omar A. Jimenez, midstream sales director at CECO. “The MMS agreement reinforces our commitment by providing CECO the opportunity to lead the effort in promoting an innovative and cost-effective means of monitoring large bore natural gas engines as well as other technologies.”


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