From Analytics To Action

    Compressor Products International (CPI) and Windrock Inc. have unveiled a new commercial partnership designed to increase the safety, operating efficiency, and effectiveness of reciprocating compressors.

    CPI, an EnPro Industries company, manufactures precision engineered components for reciprocating compressors used in petrochemical, refining, natural gas, and offshore industries. The CPI product range includes packing, piston and rider rings, compressor valves, and lubrication system technology.

    Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, Windrock provides reciprocating machinery analytics systems. Windrock’s hardware and software platform, Spotlight, enables Industrial Internet of Things to drive predictive analytics of compressors and reciprocating engines.

    By combining the expertise, technology, and global service presence of both companies, the partnership seeks to lower total operating costs of reciprocating compressors through complete asset integrity management and increased uptime.

     “Windrock and CPI guarantees lower total operating costs,” said Omar Medina, vice president of strategy at CPI. “We are going to reduce the cost of materials, the cost of lost production, the cost of labor, the cost of servicing and transport. What we’ve seen so far, based on input from customers, is a payback within one year.”

    “Consumables are typically one of the highest operating expenses for a company,” said Pier Parisi, Windrock’s vice president, business development – digital. “By that we mean pretty much all of the products that are related to CPI. Customers tell us that they need to stretch time between outages, that they drive millions of miles to do inspections on machinery, looking for problems that only occur after somebody has shown up to do the analytics. One of the most staggering pieces of data we’ve heard is that a piece of reciprocating equipment has a 1 to 2% chance of failing catastrophically each year and the repair costs average about US$300,000. These are pretty significant numbers. The industry needs a better solution. This is what drove us to sit down with CPI to develop a partnership.”

    The partnership plays nicely into each company’s strengths — Windrock provides the analysis. CPI handles parts and repair. “Why monitor a problem if you’re not going to fix it said Medina. “Windrock has the technology to give customers the ability to see problems before they occur. CPI has the engineered solutions and the right parts. The partnership brings everything together into a single package. By working together, we take the data that Windrock has and CPI’s parts to optimize the compressors. Ultimately, that is the essence of what we’re trying to do here. ow do we extend the life of compressors How do we improve the performance of all the compressors ow do we add value and lower total operating costs his partnership truly will add significant value to our customers.”

    The partnership extends the product and service portfolio of each company and allows access to new market segments for both players. “This is a commercial partnership,” said Parisi. “If we go to a customer where we have a strong presence on the analytic side and they want to buy CPI parts under one single transaction, we can do that, and vice versa. his enables us to collaborate and manage our sales pipeline as a single unit.”

    The partnership brings a single point of contact between two industry stalwarts, combining sales, engineering, and service personnel as needed to deliver the best solution to the end user.

    “By having a single point of contact, we can help customers on the analytics side and on the parts side,” said Parisi. “Partnering together is going to give us the opportunity to work hand in hand to solve our customer’s pain points. This coordinated roadmap is going to add significant value very quickly for our customers. Saving time equals saving money. We connect the dots between analytics, consumables, overhaul, and repair. That is going to drive the value for our customers. They will see that it’s not just about the analytics, it’s not just about the repairs, but the combined solution we’re going to use to guarantee a total lower operating cost.”

    The partnership’s “guaranteed lower operating costs” begins by creating …


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