Miretti Group Named Miratech Distributor In Italy

Miratech CEO David Zenthoefer (left) and Miretti Group CEO Angelo Miretti (right)

Miretti Group has been named as the exclusive distributor of Miratech’s product portfolio in Italy. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Miretti Group is best known as a provider of explosion proof protection for industrial equipment, engines, and vehicles destined to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. Responding to customer requests, in the last few years Miretti has included emission reduction systems in its portfolio.

Effective immediately, Miretti Group becomes the exclusive Miratech distributor throughout Italy. The two companies have been collaborators in the past, with Miratech providing catalysts to Miretti. The mutual success of the collaboration led to the two companies strengthening their agreement by extending it to include the distribution of Miratech products, including SCR DeNOx systems.

“This partnership will reinforce the important focus on ‘Green Environment’ that Miretti is pursuing and now is excited to offer the best in class systems to reduce emissions and noise through the Miratech’s know-how,” said Angelo Miretti, CEO of Miretti Group.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Miratech provides emission solutions for users of industrial engines globally. Current products include: NSCR, SCR, and DPF catalyst systems, silencers, and exhaust piping; catalyst/DPF monitoring and control systems; heat recovery systems; training programs; project management; and technical field service.

“Miratech is thrilled to partner with Miretti Group in Italy, who has dedicated over 45 years to environmental and work safety solutions and is a very well-known and recognized player within the explosion protection systems among the major OEMs,” said Miratech CEO David Zenthoefer. “Our joint offerings and capacities will serve customers in European Union and beyond at ease.”