Lilly Gets An Upgrade

Map Courtesy Of Enbridge

Texas Eastern is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to replace the existing compressor units and related facilities at its Lilly Compressor Station located in Cresson Township, Pennsylvania, USA. Lilly Compressor Station currently consists of four centrifugal natural gas-fired turbines – one 19,800 hp (14,770 kW) GE Frame 5 gas turbine installed in 1969, two 5000 hp (3730 kW) Westinghouse W52 gas turbines installed in 1957, and one 5000 hp Clark DC 900 gas turbine installed in 1985 – for a total station certificated horsepower of 34,800 hp (25,960 kW). The project is designed to replace these units with two new 18,100 hp (13,502 kW) Solar Titan 130 natural gas-fired turbines. Texas Eastern will install software controls on the Solar units to limit each unit to 17,400 hp (12,980 kW) so that the total designed horsepower and delivery capacity at the station will remain substantially the same.

The two new turbines will be installed with Solar’s SoLoNOX dry low emissions technology for the control of NOx and equipped with oxidation catalysts for the control of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and organic hazardous air pollutants.

The project also calls for the construction of a new compressor building to house the two new compressor units. The existing compressor units are in two separate compressor buildings, both of which will be removed from service but remain in place. Additional facilities to be updated or installed include a generator building, an electrical control building with battery extension, a service entrance building, and an auxiliary building, as well as the installation of four filter separators.