More Compression For Westbrook Compressor Station

Map Courtesy Of Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS) is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to begin Phase II and Phase III of its Westbrook XPress Project, including modification to its existing Westbrook Compressor Station (Westbrook CS) and Westbrook Metering and Regulating Station (Westbrook M&R), both located in Cumberland County, Maine, USA.

The expansion and modification would include the addition of one new compressor unit and appurtenances, and the modification of the infrastructure at the existing Westbrook M&R. The purpose of Phases II and III of the Westbrook XPress Project is to increase the certificated capacity on PNGTS’s wholly-owned northern system from Pittsburg, New Hampshire, USA, to Westbrook, Maine, by 80,998 Mcfd, and increase PNGTS’s certificated capacity on the system it jointly owns with Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline LLC from Westbrook, Maine, to Dracut, Massachusetts, USA, by 50,199 Mcfd.

Changes to the Westbrook CS will include installation of one new compressor building housing one new 15,900 hp (11,861 kW) Solar Mars 100-16002 compressor unit that will run in addition to the two 15,000 hp (11,190 kW) Solar Mars 100-15002 natural gas-fired turbine compressor units already at the facility.

Other additions include a Waukesha VGF36GL emergency generator with a power output rating of 880 hp (656 kW); one new natural gas-fired turbine fuel gas heater with a rated maximum heat input capacity of 1.6 MMBtu/hour; one new natural gas-fired boiler with a rated maximum heat input capacity of 4.95 MMBtu/hour; turbine exhaust and air inlet systems; a lube oil cooling system; a station filter separator; recycle gas cooling; a storage building; an air compressor skid, boiler skid, and remote air receiver; a skid mounted motor-controlled center/control building; a skid mounted generator building with emergency generator and associated equipment; turbine fuel gas piping and associated equipment including a dry gas filter, fuel gas heater, regulator run, and fuel gas meter run; a domestic gas building; generator fuel gas piping and associated equipment including a dry gas filter, fuel gas heater, regulator run, filter separator and fuel gas meter run; source control piping and equipment including case vent separator/silencer blowdown and pipeline receiver separator; and station emergency shutdown piping and equipment including overhead canopy with gas conditioning, reservoir skid, and blow off assembly.

There will also be modifications to the main gas piping to and from new compressor unit, including all unit valves; station side gate valves; and mainline block valve.

Modifications at the existing Westbrook M&R will include the replacement of existing 20-inch (0.51-m) diameter header piping with 24-inch (0.61-m) diameter header piping; replacement of an existing filter separator with a new 550,000 dekatherms per day filter separator; and modifications to the existing meter building and installation of two redundant meter runs and associated control valves.