Bluewater Compression Project Moves Forward

Map Courtesy Of Bluewater Gas Storage LLC

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued a favorable environmental assessment for Bluewater Gas Storage LLC’s (Bluewater) Bluewater Compression Project. Initially filed in May 2019, Bluewater is seeking approval to construct, own, and operate a new compressor station in Macomb County, Michigan, USA. The Bluewater Compression Project is an operational upgrade that will restore the originally authorized 500,000 Mcfd of firm delivery capacity of natural gas at its interconnect with Vector Pipeline LP (Vector), which has otherwise been constrained to approximately 120,000 Mcfd since 2008 due to pressure limitations.

The new compressor station will consist of a new 11,150 hp (8317 kW) Solar Taurus 70 gas turbine driving a centrifugal compressor, two buildings, an exhaust stack, microwave tower, and ancillary equipment such as gas filter/separators, gas coolers, inlet air filters, exhaust silencers, tanks, blowdown silencers, heaters, and auxiliary generators.

Bluewater will construct two 105-ft. (32-m) long, 20-in.- (508-mm)-diameter pipeline sections to tie-in the proposed compressor station to Bluewater’s existing 20-inch-diameter pipeline.

Total costs for the project are estimated to be approximately US$40 million. Bluewater must commence construction of the project facilities by June 2020 for the project to be placed into service prior to the 2021/2022 storage withdrawal season, the company said.