Polarized Lubricants For Gas Compressors

    Permian Production Lubricants (Permian Production) has provided continuous and extreme-duty lubrication solutions for oilfield equipment since 2012. The company’s lubricants and proprietary additive packages have become a mainstay for the power and fluid ends of frac pump equipment, artificial lift systems, positive displacement pumps, and reciprocating engines.

    Headquartered in Odessa, Texas, USA, Permian Production’s newest product offering targets gas compressors.

    “Our SB-C9 line of compressor oils is engineered with our PXP extreme pressure additive package matched with high-viscosity base oils,” said Scott Rettberg, CEO of Permian Production. “The SB-C9 line is a highly differentiated, extreme performance lubricant designed to reduce friction, torque, and drag, improving operating efficiency and extending the life of the equipment overall,” said Rettberg. “The SB-C9 product line offers pressure protection, thermal stability, moisture resistance, and corrosion protection in a wide variety of viscosity options.”

    According to Rettberg, the company’s PXP additive changes the polarity of motor and gear oils from a negative charge to a positive charge, attracting it to a metal’s negative-charged surfaces instead of repelling it. “After the altered oil’s attraction, a thin barrier of lubricant forms, which reduces friction and drag while protecting surfaces from abrasives and repelling moisture,” said Rettberg. “A before and after oil analysis typically reveals a dramatic reduction in… “


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