California Oil & Gas Producer Adds Another Microturbine

Capstone Turbine Corp., a manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has closed a follow-on sale of a C600 Signature Series (C600S) microturbine from an oil and gas producer located in California, USA.

“Despite the significant COVID-19 impact on oil prices, we continue to see activity in the midstream oil and gas markets as customers look to lower operating costs and decarbonize the oil fields,” said Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone. “The natural resource market represented 32% of our total revenue last year as we continue to receive follow-on orders from repeat customers. These customers are opting to convert from reciprocating engine-based technologies to lower emission and higher reliability microturbine-based solutions.”

The follow-on C600S microturbine order adds an additional 600 kW of generation capacity to the customer’s existing Capstone fleet. The microturbines, fueled by minimally processed wellhead gas, will produce electricity and provide prime power for the end-user’s on-site equipment.

The C600S microturbine system will ship this summer in a four-bay enclosure that allows the customer to add an additional 200 kW microturbine and expand on-site generation capacity from 600 kW to 800 kW as more associated gas becomes available in the future. The units are expected to be commissioned this fall.