Enable Gas Transmission Seeks FERC Approval To Upgrade Two Compressor Stations

Map courtesy of Enable Gas Transmission

Enable Gas Transmission (EGT) is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval for modifications and enhancements along its Line CP pipeline, located in Louisiana and Texas, USA.

The purpose of the project is to enhance the reliability and diversity of natural gas supply in the Gulf Coast Region and to create a new link between major supply basins and the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

EGT plans to implement modifications necessary to allow bi-directional flow on a portion of Line CP and to abandon certain facilities. These modifications will enhance and repurpose existing, underutilized natural gas transmission infrastructure in eastern Texas and northern Louisiana.

Prior to the abandonment, EGT will modify two compressor stations, Westdale Compressor Station (CS) and Vernon CS; and install new meters between the Line CP assets and existing EGT pipeline facilities that will not be abandoned by sale. Upon the in-service date of the pipeline, EGT will abandon the Line CP assets by sale to Gulf Run, and Gulf Run will lease capacity on Line CP back to EGT to allow EGT to continue service to its existing Line CP shippers.

Modifications for Westdale CS, located Red River Parish, Louisiana, include restaging the two existing Solar Mars 100 compressor units (totaling 30,000 hp [22,380 kW]); adding up to six air-cooled heat exchangers; modifications to existing station piping; and the addition of a motor control center building, fuel gas skid, power and control building, and standby generator.

Modifications for Vernon CS, located in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, include restaging the existing Solar Mars 100 and two Solar Taurus 70 compressor units (totaling 35,604 hp [26,561 kW]); and modifying existing station piping.

The existing assets that will be abandoned by sale to Gulf Run are the Line CP modifications listed above; along with two additional compressor stations, Panola CS, located in Panola County, Texas, with one Solar Mars 100 and two Taurus 70 compressor units (totaling 35,604 hp), and Alto CS, located in Richland Parish, Louisiana, with one Solar Mars 100 compressor unit (15,000 hp [11,190 kW]); as well as various natural gas receipt and delivery lateral pipelines totaling approximately 30.3 miles (48.8 km) in length; and 34 receipt and/or delivery meter stations.