Patton Has Landed

    Patton Divider Block Systems (Patton) formed in October 2019, but its ties to the gas compression industry are more than 40 years strong. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA, with main offices in Midland, Texas, Patton specializes in the design, installation, training, and troubleshooting of divider block lubrication systems.

    “Patton is the result of a campfire discussion between Charlie Hughes, Tim Roys, and me,” said Curtis Roys, founder and CEO of Patton. “As we discussed several scenarios concerning the divider block systems, we realized the lack of innovative products in the divider block industry, the lack of available ‘off-the-shelf’ inventory for divider block systems, and how compressor operators are waiting for extended periods to get delivery of something as simple as a lubricator box.”

    “The more the three of us talked that night, the more we realized that new products using existing technology are possible and could bring significant improvements to compressor divider block systems,” said Charlie Hughes, system specialist at Patton. “We discussed what it would take to bring new products to market, understanding that compressors run 24/7 and operators can’t wait extended periods of time to get delivery of divider block components. We formed a team that night to bring a new company to West Texas that understands relationships are developed by helping customers keep their compressors online, and understands lubricating compressors correctly by properly designing divider block systems. Our discussion to develop new products to replace the antiquated components currently available brought about the formation of Patton Divider Block Systems.”

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