Burckhardt Compressors For LNG-Powered Container Ships

Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) will provide eight Laby liquefied natural gas (LNG) boil-off gas (BOG) compressors for four container ships that have been commissioned by C-LNG Solutions, a Singapore-based LNG fuel gas solutions and LNG cargo handling company.

Each ship will be equipped with WinGD X-DF propulsion engines and will be built at a Chinese shipyard with the option for 16 more vessels.

To reduce sulfur and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at sea, the shipping industry is pushing toward alternative fuels, bringing an increase to the amount of new-built container ships equipped with LNG dual fuel propulsion engines.

According to Burckhardt, as the cryogenic LNG evaporates when it warms up within the vessel tanks, the occurring BOG needs to be compressed. Subsequently, the compressed gas can be used as fuel for the WinGD X-DF two-stroke propulsion engines on board. Burckhardt’s 2K70 Laby BOG compressor system is specifically designed for marine applications. It handles relatively small mass flows at cryogenic gas temperatures, without the need for BOG preheating.