Howden Compressors For Denmark Green Hydrogen Project

The HySynergy green hydrogen production facility is being built adjacent to the Fredericia refinery in Denmark, shown here. (Image courtesy of Shell)

Everfuel A/S signed a contract with Howden for the delivery of hydrogen compression to Everfuel’s green hydrogen production facility under development adjacent to the Fredericia refinery in Denmark.

Hydrogen compression is the second-most critical component of the 20 MW hydrogen HySynergy facility under development at Fredericia after the alkaline electrolyser, which is being supplied by NEL, a Norwegian-based global company that provides solutions for the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen from renewable energy sources. The compression equipment is scheduled to be delivered in early 2022.

“This is the second major contract we have awarded to develop our own green hydrogen production at the HySynergy electrolyzer,” said Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel. “We have worked closely with Howden and NEL to optimize plant design and ensure we integrate and utilize the compressors in the most cost-efficient manner, and thereby reducing the total cost of the electrolyzer installation.”

The facility setup is non-contaminating and has redundancy, meaning that the electrolyzer facility will be able to operate on partial load, even if one compressor is out for maintenance.

When fully operational in mid-2022, the Fredericia facility will have a production capacity up to 8 tons per day of green hydrogen, made from renewable wind power, with 10 tons of storage capacity. Everfuel is responsible for the EPC-work (engineering, procurement, and construction), including storage and distribution facilities.

Everfuel’s total investment for developing the Fredericia facility is estimated at around EUR 20 million, which is approximately 50% financed by public Danish and EU funding programs. Everfuel has a 10-year offtake agreement with the Fredericia refinery for base load hydrogen offtake for use in the refinery process. The remaining hydrogen will be utilized in Everfuel’s expanding distribution and fueling network.