Burckhardt Compressors For Egypt Hydrocracking Complex

TechnipFMC signed the ECP contract with Assiut National Oil Processing Company last year. (Image courtesy of TechnipFMC)

Burckhardt Compression will supply three API 618 process gas compressors for the Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt. Each gas compressor has a frame rating of 1700 kN.

TechnipFMC signed an engineering, procurement, and construction contract with Assiut National Oil Processing Company for the construction of a new hydrocracking complex at the Assiut refinery in Egypt in last year.

The Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt will be one of the country’s major strategic refineries and will help to meet growing local demand for cleaner products, mainly EURO-V diesel. The EURO-V standard reduces atmospheric pollutants by imposing stricter limits on exhaust emissions.

The new hydrocracking complex is an extension to the modernization program initiated 2015. The hydrocracking complex will feature new process units including a vacuum distillation unit, a diesel hydrocracking unit, a delayed coking unit, a distillate hydrotreating unit, a hydrogen production facility unit, a sulfur recovery unit, and a sulfur solidification unit. It will also include interconnecting, offsites, and utilities.