Dark Horse To Treat Delaware Basin Sour Gas

Map courtesy of Dark Horse Midstream

Piñon Midstream LLC (Piñon) has begun construction on its Dark Horse Sour Gas Treating and Carbon Capture Facility (Dark Horse) and associated pipeline infrastructure in Lea County, New Mexico.

Located in the Northeastern Delaware Basin, Dark Horse includes sour condensate stabilization, an amine treating plant, and an 18,000-ft. (5486-m) CO2 and H2S sequestration well. To bring the sour gas to its facility, Piñon is building a sour gas gathering pipeline with over 30,000 hp (22,380 kW) of field compression and a new 20-mile (32-km), 20-inch (50-cm) pipeline to transport sweet/rich gas to multiple third-party processing plants.

Dark Horse is scheduled to come into service in July 2021 with an initial operating capacity of 85 MMcfd (2.4 x 106 m3/d).

Piñon has purchased a second amine train, scheduled to enter service in fall 2021, that will increase the total sour gas treating capacity for the facility to 170 MMcfd (4.8 x 106 m3/d). The Dark Horse facility is expandable to accommodate up to four amine trains, representing a capacity of 340 MMcfd (9.6 x 106 m3/d).

Piñon, formed in 2020, offers a full menu of sour gas services that includes field gathering and compression, sour condensate stabilization and marketing, amine treating for removal of H2S and CO2, H2S and CO2 geologic sequestration, and high-pressure delivery of treated sweet gas to multiple area third-party processing plants.

“Our goal is to provide the most creative and cost-effective sour gas solution for the Delaware Basin,” said Steven Green, co-founder and president of Piñon. “Not only does our project provide a comprehensive solution for sequestering CO2 and H2S, it also substantially reduces flaring and greenhouse gas emissions in southeast New Mexico.”