Top Five Gas Compression News Stories Of 2022

With calendar pages now turned to 2023, we thought we’d take a quick look back at the top five gas compression stories of 2022, based on page views at

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Top Five Gas Compression News Stories Of 2022


  1. In Memoriam: Jim P. Buchwald

Ariel Founder Jim Buchwald died on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at the age of 94.

Working in the natural gas industry from the early 1950s, Buchwald began his career as a design engineer at Cooper-Bessemer and later White Superior. As the industry developed, Buchwald became convinced that an opportunity existed to build a smaller, more cost-effective compressor, to fill a niche not served by any of the existing compressor manufacturers. His belief in this opportunity led him to design the Ariel JG, a small, high-speed compressor prototype that would launch Ariel Corporation in 1966.

Buchwald led Ariel for 32 years until his retirement in 1998. During his tenure, Ariel set new standards for reliability and cost-effectiveness, bringing nearly 20 compressor models to market. He took the company from a small startup to a modern manufacturer, overseeing the design and production of every unit from the prototype to unit #13,000. His journey to build both the company and its first compressors also built a deep corporate culture, which endures strongly at Ariel today. (Click Here To Read The Entire Article)


  1. Burckhardt’s New Hydrogen Compressor Type 3C4S

Targeting oil-free hydrogen compressor solution for 7977 psi (550 bar) discharge pressure and mass flows above 150 kg/h, Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) has added a new compressor to its lineup, the hydrogen compressor Type 3C4S. This high-pressure piston compressor is specifically designed for hydrogen trailer filling and fuel stations with high mass flows and helps reduce the required number of deployed compressors per hydrogen trailer filling or fuel station. (Click Here To Read The Entire Article)


  1. Atlas Copco Compressors And Expanders For Texas Hydrogen Liquefaction Plants

Atlas Copco Gas and Process, a provider of customized rotating equipment, has secured an order from Plug Power Inc., a provider of turnkey solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, to provide compressors and expanders for two 15-tons-per-day hydrogen liquefaction plants to be built in Texas. The scope of the order includes two nitrogen compressors, four nitrogen turboexpanders, and four hydrogen turboexpanders, expected to be delivered in Q2 2023. The turbo compressors will be manufactured at Atlas Copco Comptec in Voorheesville, New York, while the turboexpander units will be manufactured at Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench in Santa Maria, California. (Click Here To Read The Entire Article)


  1. Milestone Compressor Discovered Producing In South Texas

A milestone compressor from Ariel has been discovered producing, after 50 years, in south Texas. The Ariel Response Center (ARC) in Mount Vernon, Ohio, received a call from a south Texas compressor service company concerning an Ariel JG/2 top cover gasket. The gaskets they obtained didn’t match the bolt hole pattern on the compressor frame they were servicing.

When asked for a serial number, the owner could only find a 2 stamped on the frame casting. (Click Here To Read The Entire Article)


  1. Cameron LNG Expansion Requests Train 4 Enhancement

Cameron LNG has submitted an amended application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its Cameron Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Expansion project. In 2016, Cameron LNG received FERC approval to site, construct, and operate facilities to provide additional natural gas processing, storage, and liquefaction capability at its existing Cameron LNG terminal located in Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes, Louisiana. (Click Here To Read The Entire Article)


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