Ohio Valley Connector Expansion Project Clears FERC Hurdle

Map Courtesy Of Equitrans

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued a favorable environmental impact statement (EIS) for Equitrans LP’s (Equitrans) Ohio Valley Connector Expansion Project, allowing it to move forward.

Equitrans is seeking FERC approval for its Ohio Valley Connector Expansion project, which will provide up to 350,000 Dth/d of incremental firm deliverability on its Mainline System and new transportation paths. The purpose of this project is to provide additional pipeline delivery capabilities to existing interconnects with Rockies Express Pipeline and Rover Pipeline LLC.

Specifically, Equitrans proposes to acquire the existing non-jurisdictional Cygrymus Compressor Station in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and operate two Solar Taurus 70 turbines for a combined 22,032 hp (16,436 kW) at the compressor station.

The existing Corona Compressor Station in Wetzel County, West Virginia, currently houses one 16,399-hp (12,234-kW) Solar Mars 100 turbine. Equitrans plans to add one additional 16,399-hp Solar Mars 100 compressor unit at the compressor station, doubling the station capacity from 250 to 500 MMscf/d (7 × 106 to 14 × 106 m3/d).

The existing Plasma Compressor Station in Monroe County, Ohio, consists of two Solar Taurus 70 gas turbine-driven centrifugal compressors with 22,500 hp (16,785 kW) total. Equitrans proposes to increase capacity and install one 23,497-hp (17,529-kW) Solar Titan 130 gas turbine-driven centrifugal compressor to the station.

Equitrans proposes to acquire and operate the existing non-jurisdictional Cygrymus Compressor Station and install two new turbines in Greene County, Pennsylvania. In addition, Equitrans will install one additional compressor unit Equitrans will also construct approximately 5.5 miles (8.8 km) of pipeline in various segments and ancillary facilities in Greene County and Wetzel County.


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