Caterpillar Compression For Raney Compressor Station

Ozark Gas Transmission LLC (Ozark) is seeking Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorization to construct, own, operate, and maintain its Ozark Supply Access project, which consists of building approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) of 16-in. (406-mm) natural gas loop pipeline, building a new compressor station with a rating of 5000 hp (3730 kW), installing two new receipt point interconnects, and modifying the existing Standing Rock Compressor Station. The purpose of the project is to provide Ozark with the ability to move up to 130,000 Dth/day of natural gas from the new receipt points to existing delivery locations on the Ozark system.

Ozark is proposing to install the 5000-hp Raney Compressor Station, which will be located in Lawrence County, Arkansas. The compressor station will consist of two 2500-hp (1865-kW) reciprocating Caterpillar G3608 engines.

Ozark will also install piping and other modifications to facilitate bi-directional flow at the existing Standing Rock Compressor Station. The compressor station consists of two electric drive compressor units totaling 6500 hp (4849 kW).

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