Asahi/America Inc. Opens New Fabrication Facility

The outside of Asahi/America’s Paulina, Louisiana-based fabrication shop.

Thermoplastic valve and pipe manufacturer Asahi/America Inc. celebrated the opening of its newly constructed, Paulina, Louisiana-based fabrication shop. The new facility focuses on large-scale thermoplastic pre-fabrication and is known as Asahi/America — PPI, a division of Asahi/America.

Construction of the new 59,000-sq.ft. (5481-m2) fabrication facility finished in late 2022 in a neighboring city adjacent to the original facility. It will add an additional 36,000 sq.ft. (3345 m2) and will improve the efficiency of large-scale and complex pre-fabrication piping projects. Asahi/America initially expanded its fabrication capabilities and operational capacity during the acquisition of Performance Plastics Inc. in 2018.

“Our customers showed us the need to offer a fast response, best-in-class, value-add plastic fabrication offering,” said Daniel S. Anderson, Asahi/America’s president and chief executive officer. “In 2019, our board of directors approved the construction project, and today, we’re proud to share this facility with our business partners.”

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