SIAD Compressors For Swedish Biogas Plant

SIAD Machhine Impianti (SIAD MI) will supply four model MS2-2 biogas compressors for two Swedish plants producing liquefied biogas (bio-LNG) that will be used as fuel for heavy vehicles. The SIAD MI compressors have an installed power of 200 kW and will compress the biogas which will then be transferred to an upgrading system for its conversion into biomethane.

BIOKRAFT (formerly known as Scandavian Biogas) is building a facility in Mönsterå, Sweden, in collaboration with local farmers that will produce bio-lng with manure as feedstock. The production capacity is estimated to be 120 GWh. Production is expected to begin in Q4 2024. The liquefied biogas will mainly be sold as fuel to the transport sector, where 120 GWh is the equivalent of more than 3 million gallons (12 million liters) of diesel fuel.

BIOKRAFT owns 86% of Scandinavian Biogas Mönsterås AB, a joint venture company responsible for designing, constructing, and managing the biogas project in Mönsterås. The remaining 17% is owned by local farmers through their company, Mönsterås Biogas AB.

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