WM Opens Arkansas RNG Facility

(Image Courtesy Of WM)

WM has opened a 14,430 sq.ft. (1341 m2) renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Springdale, Arkansas. The US$35 million WM Eco Vista RNG facility is expected to recover and distribute approximately 750,000 MMBtu per year of RNG, which serves the equivalent of 25,000 households annually or the equivalent of 649 heavy-duty vehicles. A portion of the RNG produced at the facility will be allocated to WM’s US fleet of compressed natural gas vehicles.

The RNG facility will process biogas collected from the Eco Vista Class 1 landfill that is generated when organic material decomposes. Eco Vista captures the biogas through gas collection and control systems, and the new RNG facility will process the biogas, which would then be delivered to Energy Transfer’s Enable Gas Transmission pipeline system. The use of RNG from the new plant is expected to avoid up to approximately 40,000 tons (36,287 tonnes) per year of greenhouse gas emissions from displacement of fossil fuels. “WM is proud to invest in the vibrant Northwest Arkansas region with this state-of-the-art RNG facility. We are committed to the community and excited to work with the Tontitown Grape Festival, Rollins Elementary, and Northsong Wild Bird Rehabilitation,” said Eddie McManus, WM Mid-South area vice president. “Landfills are a vital part of any community, and it is essential that landfills continually invest in environmental stewardship. Eco Vista features nearly 300 acres of wildlife habitat and pollinator gardens.”


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