Orlen Expands Poland Olefins Complex

Orlen plans to invest US$6.25 billion expanding its Olefins complex in Plock, Poland. (Image Courtesy Of Orlen)

SIAD Macchine Impianti will supply a model HSFS4-3 reclaim gas compressor to an Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol plant in Poland for an olefins expansion project. The 3-stage compressor is powered by a 1100 kW electric motor and utilizes a specialized coating for all the compressor’s parts that will be in contact with the gas. Stainless steel has been used to avoid any risk of corrosion due to the presence of wet CO2 in the process.

Polish multinational oil refiner and petrol retailer Orlen S.A. is executing one of the largest petrochemical projects in Europe in the last 20 years. Orlen plans to invest US$6.25 billion expanding its Olefins complex in Plock, Poland, increasing petrochemical production capacity by 60% and at the same time, alleviating the environmental impact of petrochemical production.

According to Orlen, new technologies will enhance energy efficiency and bring down carbon emissions by 30% per ton of product.

“Global trends suggest that the demand for high-margin petrochemical products will grow dynamically. By 2050, the value of the petrochemicals and base plastics market has the potential to double. Meanwhile, within the next decade, the refining of crude oil into traditional fuels will gradually decrease. We are carefully analyzing these changes and intensifying our actions to secure the largest possible share in the petrochemical business and quickly increase revenue generated by this segment,” said Daniel Obajtek, CEO and president Orlen, in a press statement. “Hence, we are broadening the scope of work on the expansion of the Olefins Complex. We will modernize the entire existing infrastructure, making our complex the most advanced and eco-friendly in Europe. This approach will undoubtedly reinforce our position as a regional leader in petrochemical production, bolstering the competitiveness of our group and the Polish economy.”


SIAD Macchine Model HSFS4-3 Reclaim Gas Compressor (Image Courtesy of SIAD)
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