Modulift Appoints Taiwan Distributor

Below-the-hook lifting equipment manufacturer Modulift has appointed Yeong Shin as its stock-holding partner in Taiwan. Yeong Shin will hold stock of the MOD 12, 24, 34, and 50. Each Spreader Beam comes complete with end units and drop links, and is available on a same day collection or next day delivery service.

Yeong Shin is a provider of steel wire ropes, lifting accessories, and products. By joining forces with Modulift, Yeong Shin broaden its product offerings.  “We are thrilled to partner with Modulift as their authorized distributor in Taiwan,” said Ben HSU, CEO of Yeong Shin. “Modulift’s commitment to quality and safety aligns perfectly with our values, and we believe that this collaboration will greatly benefit our customers by offering them the safest lifting solutions available in the market, with the fastest turnaround time possible.”



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