West Virginia Will Be Home To New Hydrogen Project

Artist Rendering Of The Mountaineer GigaSystem And Monarch Cloud Campus

Fidelis New Energy (Fidelis) has selected Mason County, West Virginia, as the location of its net-zero carbon hydrogen production facility, a hydrogen-powered and cooled data center, and a greenhouse system utilizing waste heat and captured CO2. Known as The Mountaineer GigaSystem and the Monarch Cloud Campus, the facility will be implementing FidelisH2 technology that, according to Fidelis, enables production of hydrogen with zero lifecycle carbon emissions from a combination of natural gas, renewable energy, and carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS).

The project consist of four phases, with each phase producing over 500 metric tons per day (MTPD) of net-zero carbon hydrogen at an approximate capital cost of US$2 billion per phase excluding associated investments in data centers, greenhouses, etc. The first FidelisH2 phase of the Mountaineer GigaSystem is expected to commence operations in 2028. The hydrogen will be used for a variety of purposes including carbon neutral hyperscale datacenters, greenhouses, transportation, and steel production.

Fidelis selected Battelle Carbon Services, a carbon storage site development company, to drill and collect stratigraphic test well data, acquire seismic data and to submit multiple sequestration permit applications in West Virginia.

When all four phases of the Mountaineer GigaSystem are operational, approximately 10 million metric tons per year of CO2 would be permanently stored, providing over US$100 million in annual revenue to West Virginia.

Headquartered in Houstin with offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Copenhagen, Denmark, Fidelis is an energy transition company driving decarbonization through investments in renewable fuels, low or negative carbon intensity products, and carbon capture and storage in Europe and the United States.


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