Call For Papers

The Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC) is soliciting papers for the 2017 Gas Machinery Conference (GMC), an annual forum for design engineers, facility engineers, and technicians with an emphasis on the operation, maintenance, and testing of gas compression machinery.

The 2017 GMRC Gas Machinery Conference will take place October 1-4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The GMC Planning Committee will accept papers for the conference based on an informative abstract submitted by March 10.  All abstracts will be evaluated on the information supplied.  The review committee will use this information to help select papers, assign time slots, and assign technical reviewers.

You may submit an abstract for a short course (3 hours); technical paper presentation (45 minutes); or a new technology update (10 minutes). The Planning Committee has final say regarding which category is selected. All papers must be free of unnecessary commercialism.

2017 GMC Paper Deadlines 

  • March 10 – Abstracts due
  • April 11 – Acceptance notices mailed
  • June 30 – Draft papers due to GMC Committee for peer review and comments
  • August 11 – Executive Summary of paper due
  • September 1 – Final papers due

Suggested Topics for Papers

  • Emission Reduction Technology – New Technologies & Case Studies
  • Compressor Efficiency & Performance
  • Engine Efficiency & Performance & Mechanical Reliability
  • Centrifugal Compression Machinery – New Designs – Turbines – Technology
  • Electric Motors – Drives – Speed Converters
  • Vibration – Pulsation
  • Gas/Electric Regulations – EPA – FERC
  • Automation & Control Systems
  • Business – Technical Considerations to Develop Energy Assets Worldwide
  • Compression Equipment Subsystems – New Technology
  • Technical Project Management & Economic Evaluation
  • Gas & Electric Partnerships – Technical Applications
  • Career Enhancement

More information, as well as a link to submit an abstract, can be found at: