HOTSTART Launches Small Capacity Coolant Heating System

HOTSTART’s new CSE heating system is a complete coolant heating system for small-engine hazardous location applications.

The CSE features a positive displacement pump which pulls coolant from the low end of the system, heats and circulates it back into the system to heat the block and cylinders. Preheating of small engines enhances engine startup in cold environments, the company said. In addition to being a cold starting aid, the CSE can be used in applications located in warmer climates and high humidity areas. According to HOTSTART, maintaining the engine temperature well above the dew point, the risk of damaging condensation is reduced inside the engine cylinders and other critical components.

HOTSTART serves the global oil and gas market with forced circulation preheating systems designed to heat coolant, oil, or an oil/coolant combination. High capacity units are available in weather tight or hazardous location configurations that meet recognized CSA or ATEX standards for safety and performance.